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Bass Boat

It has been quite some time since I last updated this portion (or any other portion) of my website. Mainly due to the fact that finally did get a bass boat. After months of research and pleading with my wife I finally got a sweet boat. It is a 1999 Ranger R73 with 115 HP Yamaha. I found it on the internet and it was physically located just outside of Louisville , KY. My Brother and I went down to check it out. It was a well kept boat for a good price (and with in my budget). That was in March 2003. I have been fishing in it like crazy since and therefore; have not been updating my site as often. Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey and watch out for me screaming across a lake near you (at 50+ MPH)!


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Duck Boat

As a result of getting a new bass boat and two years of water dog training with Thunder, I decided to turn my aluminum boat (see below) into a duck boat. I bought a gallon of olive drab paint from Gander Mountain, a couple cans of spray paint from Home Depot, made some stencils out of poster board, and went to work. So now I have it painted maybe I will get real ambitious and devise some sort of blind for it. Here are a few shots of the newly painted boat that is sure to guarantee a highly successful duck season.

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My first boat

(now the my duck boat)
Model Type Weight Length Beam Capacity Max HP Hull thickness
Pro 14 Vee 151 lb 14'-0" 58" 725 lb 15 .055

This is the picture provided by the manufacturer.

     This is a picture taken by me.  Here are my Uncle Bill and my Dad. Uncle Bill was stuck in the middle and forced to pass the bait back and forth to my Dad and I. He spent more time passing stuff back and forth than he did fishing (thus the face).

      We were fishing on Evans Lake in the Irish Hills, the day before Labor day 2000.  That day we caught a mess of blue gills and a few bass. 

The top picture may be a  better representation of the product, but hey, who is having a better time?



Its 14'0'' long, aluminum, a roaring 6 horses strong, and a fish catching machine...


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